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University Well-Being

The University Well-Being Group in agreement with the related current regulations and with the objectives, principles and the institutional guidelines is defined as: University Well-Being was conceived as the union of programs that help and contribute to the all-round education, human development and the improvement of the quality of life of students, teachers, executive staff, administrative staff and other people integrated with the academic community of the Escuela Tecnológica ITC, through programs, projects, services and activities oriented by teaching, investigation and institutional social projection.

Hno. Diego Andrés Ardila Valderrama
University Well-Being Coordinator

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To offer an environment of integration where every person discovers their own values and puts them to service with others. The opportunity of a happy and young cohabitation, that through an exchange of ideas, discovers new courses in life, decides to be a character of a change in their family, intellectual environment and friends, to help build a better society, feeling the need to educate himself/herself as a leader.

The Pastoral area of the ETITC has as an objective the promotion, formation, organization and service to the academic community, offering a complete education in leadership that allows the student to be a social person, capable of integrating in the process of integral development in the areas and spaces as a technician, technologist and engineer contributing to the improvement of human necessities.

It’s an environment of integration where every person discovers their own values and puts them to service with others. The opportunity of a happy and young cohabitation, that through an exchange of ideas, discovers new courses in life, decides to be a character of a change in their family, intellectual environment and friends, to help build a better society, feeling the need to educate himself/herself as a leader. 

Activities for the development of the Pastoral Plan:

  • Eucharist
  • Spiritual Company
  • Spiritual Retirement
  • Cohabitation Groups of Prayer and Reflection
  • Human and Spiritual Formation Work days
  • Social Activities – Projection Centers
  • Mission work throughout Easter and Christmas

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The actions of University Well-Being directed to students in the healthcare program, ought to seek the permanent improvement of environmental, physical and psychical conditions throughout preventive and corrective programs that contribute to good academic development; it’s necessary to also support the personal efforts in this sense. The actions in this program directed to teachers and administrative staff, have to be oriented to the complement of proper general programs in the contractual connection. 

The nursery is in the service to all students of the institution, generating assistance against emergencies that can be presented; offering this service is a humanitarian obligation in any instance in society. The Escuela Tecnológica being conscious of this need, by means of a nursery  pretended to provide a service to the community, in general first aid; counts with the necessary elements to attend moderate emergencies.

Preventive Program: This program is conceived, to promote prevention activities in healthcare, like vaccination campaigns, first aid workshops, nutrition workshops, sexually transmitted diseases, smoking and psychoactive substance prevention workshops.

Nursing Program: First aid attention and related aspects to primary assistance regarding healthcare problems that the members of the Educational Community may present. Likewise the program will make the respective referrals to different specialized healthcare centers, when they are needed. 

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“The actions in this area must facilitate in each person the better knowledge of themselves and of the rest of the people in the academic community; promote their capacity to relate and to communicate; develop the sense of relevance and individual commitment with the institution and improve the human relations within the institution to achieve a true integration that redound in the social benefit of the environment. There has to seek physical spaces that propitiate the encounter of the people and the taking advantage of free time. Likewise, the actions in this area must seek the adaptation and better development within the community, motivating the best accomplishments and prominent facts.”

Personal Dimension

To contribute with the construction and the development, the life plans of the members of the educational community, at a personal level there will be a psychological assessment in group and in person with the aim to generate thinking spaces to strengthen the personal identity, self-awareness, and the positive aspects of each of the people that join the psychological service, strengthening their psycho-affective competences, their communication and relationship with their selves, as well as with others.

  • Individual Psychological Counseling: It’s the personal accompaniment in the different stages and significant moments in life of each of the people that attend the psychological service. Meaning of life, Ideal orientations and important personality orientation towards different areas of life.
  • Internal resource analysis: Metacognitive, personal self-reflection, strategies of goal election, self-determination and self-value, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and other aspects that may arise in one’s life.
  • Life project analysis: Analyze the degree of the structure and sequential organization of objectives, goals and actions in personal plans, evaluating coherence and pertinence from a real perspective.

Educational Dimension

  • Academic monitoring: Monitoring will be carried out to repeating students or with low performance with the goal of identifying the variables associated with the level of performance and establish strategies of intervention and or action plans.
  • Campaigns of awareness and prevention: Generate spaces to reflect in which there will be addressed specific topics like the consumption of psychoactive substances, sexual and reproductive health.
  • Study Habits and Techniques: Offer appropriate information to the Educational Community about topics like habits, techniques and methods of study with the goal of contributing to the improvement of academic performance. The formation in this topic is essential for all students from their entry in the Institution now that they can from the beginning of their academic process identify their flaws in the time of study and fix the throughout their process.

Family Dimension

The boarding of family in the life project in the Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central will be carried out through personal interventions and workshops, specifically with the parents of High School kids so that they can support the educational process of each and every one of the students.

  • Parent Workshops: The objective is to provide the parents, spaces of reflection, construction and dialogue about assertive strategies to understand, support, comprehend and give respond to the proper changes in the development of which their kids are going through, from the emotional, affective, academic and social points.

Vocation Exploration

Orientate students in the construction of their Life Project, having in mind that decision making is vital referred to their area of choosing in the specialization course that the student has to go through in eighth to eleventh grade, which also generally is related with the career which the kids choose after they graduate from High School.

Professional and Occupational Orientation

There are a lot of questions that come upon the processes of Vocational Orientation and Professional Orientation that are made now a day. For the educators, psychologists and other professionals involved in the educational context, normally constitutes the challenge of developing the best interventions possible to achieve an affective counseling to the teens that are finishing High School.

Citizen Coexistence

The consciousness of a common well-being is an attribute to the coexistence of citizens in the field of the Academic Community articulated in a transverse form with every program that University Well-Being carries out and allows the members of a society to harmonize the individual interests with the collective interests, balance the attitudes and the behavior related with the care of others, care of themselves, decentralized.

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Social Work

The Social Work will carry out activities that support University Well-Being of the academic community, routed towards the personal, family, academic and Occupational development.

  • Plan activities and programs routed towards the improvement of the quality of life in the Academic Community and their family.
  • Design the instruments that will be used to carry out the programs, as well as the strategies that are going to be implemented for the achievement of proposed objectives.
  • Counseling to students, teachers and administrative staff in their studies and search of solutions to socio-familiar situations that can interfere with the personal, family, academic and occupational development.
  • Propitiate the participation of the Academic Community in the recognizing and fixing of their problems.
  • Encourage the development of the Academic Community by means of projects routed to prevent, detect and recognize the factors or situations of risk that can interfere in the normal development of each of the stages in the lifecycle, like in the personal, family, academic and occupational areas.
  • Collaborate actively at a preventive and investigative level in the interdisciplinary group of prevention in drug dependency, as well as in other interdisciplinary groups that in a preventive and assistant manner can arise.

Socio-Economic Promotion

The University Well-being program in this area must support actions that procure for improving the socio-economic conditions, through individual efforts; however, the Institution according to the case, can participate in the approaching with different entities like entrepreneur funds, company action groups within others.

Food Subsidy

Strengthen the food subsidy program in the Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central bringing forward actions for the lookup of the cooperation of entities that allow the expansion of the coverage benefitting students with economic difficulties. Likewise, there is an establishment of contacts with entities in the look for financial support for the food program. Face one of the risk factors in the desertion of students with economic problems.

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Sports and Recreation

The activities of the sports and recreation program must be directed to orient recreation throughout activities of the recreational and ecological character that allow the cherishing and preserving of the environment; motivate the practice of sports and promote the spirit of overcoming throughout a safe competence, stimulating the development of sporting abilities, the corresponding formation, and the participation of all the Academic Community of the Insitution.

Work Schedule

The area of sports of the Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central is organized by various disciplines, which the student has a clear option of participation and incorporation to these activities. The disciplines have been classified in sets, known as contact sports, and individual disciplines, within the sports that the Escuela manages we find: Contact Disciplines: Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Karate. Individual Disciplines: Ping Pong, Chess, Board Games, Athleticism and Gymnasium.

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Art and Culture

Contains the different activities of an artistic type like music, painting, sculpting, dance, cinema, theatre and other activities routed towards the development of abilities, the production and reproduction of work that tend to captivate and impress the senses. Regarding cultural activity that integrate what was previously said, also include everything related with work in all-round expression, promotion and preservation of the customs and popular traditions, in all of the areas.

Performing Arts

  • Theatre Plastic Arts
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Photography

Musical Arts

  • Violin classes: We will work with the Suzuki method and the Laroux exercises, mainly scales, likewise with the VIOLA AND CELLO.
  • Piano classes: We will begin with exercises of the Hannon book, scales and work of John Thompson.
  • Brass classes: We will work with positions initially, then scales and at the same time the YAMAHA book. Likewise with Trumpets and Trombones.
  • Woodwind classes: For CLARINETS, SAXOPHONE and FAGOT. We will begin with position, mouth pieces, scales and methods according to teacher’s criteria.

Marching Band (High School)

Other Activities

  • Ecologic Walks
  • Bicycle Rides
  • Social Nights
  • Concerts