Español Image: Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central. Colombia

Industrial Processes

The Industrial Processes program, authorized by the Ministerio de Educación Nacional (National Ministry of Education) with the Resolution 2809 of March 31 of 1977 began working in July of the same year, structured to respond to the technical professional needs of industrial enterprises. The technical syllabus, made up of the different disciplines and themes are: machining, treating, production tools, soldering and smelting, plastic processes and material engineering, work study, time and movement, industrial security, environmental impact, administration and quality control. Complemented with  humanistic training subjects, languages, basic sciences  and engineering basics; makes part of a structured and imparted curriculum according to the pedagogical tradition of the  Instituto Técnico Central, training a technical professional with the ability to organize and control production, quality, identify problems in production, study and suggests solutions, and control inventory. The technical professional organizes, enforces and controls production programs, quality control, investigates and identifies production problems and suggests solutions. 

Technical Professional in Industrial Processes

Objective: To educate professional technicians with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable him/her to act effectively in the industrial sector, in areas related to the organization and control of industrial, metal mechanical, metallurgical and plastics processes.

Occupational Profile: The technical professional will have an all-round education that permits them to perform duties adequately in work, in jobs that involve the organization and management of production processes, control and implementation of production technologies, quality management or become manager of their own company.

Professional Profile: The technical professional will have an all-round education, with emphasis in applying techniques and procedures that permit the organization and operation of industrial plants and production processes related to metalworking, mechanics, metallurgy and plastic. In person, he/she will be a professional with the ability to be leader, forger of new values, committed with the defense for the environment, and the transformation of the State and society.

Technology in Industrial Processes

Objective: Add high quality technological education to strengthen their knowledge in science and technology in order to provide solutions for the technological problems in the field of industrial processes, so that their action is projected efficiently on the modernization and competitiveness of the productive sector in the country.

Occupational Profile: The Technologist in Industrial Processes is a professional with ability to program and control production processes and activities that require applying quality and technical standards; he/she can also work in activities related to technical supervision, research and implementation of production technologies.

Professional Profile: The Technologist in Industrial Processes is a professional with basic training that is supported upon appropriate scientific knowledge and theoretical understanding for the formation of innovative thinking. They are to assume management responsibilities that are addressed to protect the environment and the protection of human life.

Engineering in Industrial Processes

Objective: Strengthen skills in the field of industrial process engineering, looking for a professional able to provide services in research, projects, consulting, planning, technical management, production and quality control, and economic and markets feasibility studies, related to productivity in public and private companies.

Occupational Profile: He/She will be a comprehensive professional highly competent and able to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes in the solution of problems and needs in the field of industrial processes. Similarly, being able to interpret, propose and implement projects in order to improve production processes.

Professional Profile: The Engineer in Industrial Processes is trained with a criterion that permits him/her the control of processes and the assurance of quality. He/She can work providing services in research, economic feasibility studies, advising, consulting, planning and quality control.