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Industrial Instrumentation

The Specialization in Industrial Instrumentation offers a post graduate education to university professionals, technologists and professional technicians in the areas of electro-mechanics and related carreers, that require investigating further and developing the different competences of design, mounting and industrial instrumentation maintenance of industrial automation, for which the program counts with experience in this field and a balanced syllabus between theory and practice.

Objective: Train specialist with a complete education in the knowledge and competences for the design, mounting and maintenance of industrial instrumentation and automation of industrial processes, backing up this actino with concepts of productivity, quality management, project administration and use of specialized software.

Occupational Profile: Finishing studies of the Technical Professional Specialization in Industrial Instrumentation, the graduate can work with success as a specialized professional, in related projects of their choosing like mounting and industrial instrumentation maintenance. Likewise he/she will be capable of conducting automations in industrial processes and designing systems of control and detection of physical variables of industrial processes. He/she can provide technical assistance to clients, from companies in charge of distributing sensors and elements of industrial control.

Professional Profile: Completing the specialization, the professional will be in the capacity of identifying the characteristics of operation of the main devices, like sensors and transducers for the measurement of physical magnitudes of industrial processes. Likewise he/she will be capable of designing applications for sensors and control instruments, for the automation of industrial processes and the carrying out of its´ operating simulation throughout the use of specialized software.