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Research Groups Digital Processing of Optical Images (PRODIGIÓ)

Research line: metrology
Mission: PRODIGIÓ group works in the development and implementation of research projects that allow applying optics to the micro and nano-measurement of physical and chemical phenomena. Vision: For 2014, we will be recognized for our contribution to the study and comprehension of physical and chemical phenomena, applying optic concepts and images processing.
Research lines: Optical metrology Interferometry and digital holography Optical and digital processing of technological images Photometry and Spectrometry Essential astronomy

Research Group in Virtual Learning Environments (VIRTUS)

Research line: pedagogics for technology
Mission: VIRTUS research interest turns around environments and virtual learning platforms, free software, web engineering and educational technology, encouraging in a proper use of TICs in e-learning, b-learning and m-learning areas, in technical and technological higher education.
Vision: For 2015, we will be a prestigious research group recognized at national and international level due to its management of TIC´s use in technical and technological higher education.
Research lines: Environments and virtual learning Web engineering Free software Educational technology

Research Group in Pegagogy of Basic Sciences (GIPEC)

Research line: pedagogics for technology
Mission: GIPEC research group develop research projects that focus in generating educational proposals for pedagogy and didactics of basic sciences, at both middle and higher education at local, national and international levels. These proposals should have impact on the being and doing of academic community.
Vision: For 2020, we will be a research group recognized by its innovative and impactful contributions to the modernization and adaptation of basic sciences education at middle and higher levels.
Research lines: Critical thinking Didactic of basic sciences.

Research Group in Software, Management and Development of New Information Technologies (K-DEMY)

Research line: pedagogics for technology
Mission: K-DEMY research group provides technological solutions through the development of academic and social impact projects about business intelligence, software engineering and computer security.
Vision: For 2014, we will be a research group recognized by its proposals on technological solutions at national and international levels, which will impact both, social and productive sectors.
Research lines: Business intelligence Software Engineering Computer security

Research Group in Thermal Technologies (GITTERM)

Research line: Energy
Mission: GITTERM research group focuses in research projects that contribute to the academic and industry advance, in areas such as use of clean processes thermal technologies, development of new technologies, redesign of forgotten technologies by new generations, co-generation and power transmission.
Vision: For 2015, we will be a research group recognized by the industry and the academy, by its development of innovative projects in the sustainable thermal technologies areas.
Research lines: Clean processes of thermal technologies Development of new thermal technologies Redesign of forgotten generation and cogeneration energy technologies and for power transmission.

Interdisciplinar Research Group Of Environmental Studies (GEA)

Research line: Environment
Mission: GEA research group searches generating on the national and global community changes on the perception of the human- nature relationship, proposing alternative solutions to social-environmental problems that promotes sustainable development models.
Vision: For 2015, GEA will be a research group recognized like an actor in the social, technological and environmental field, by the effectiveness and novelty of its proposals solving environmental problems and its contributions in the building of new models for a sustainable development.
Research lines: Environmental education Alternative energies and energy efficiency Strengthening of sustainable local and regional processes