Español Image: Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central. Colombia

The Principal Tells You No. 4

In compliance with some anti-corruption regulations stated in the in the Laws 190 of 1995 and 1474 of 2011, in which we find the regulations oriented to incorporate the principles of the “Nueva Gerencia Pública” (New Public Management) inside the state jurisdiction at national level.

Likewise, the document Conpes 3654 of April 12 of 2010, states that taking accountability is a form of expression for social control, which includes acts of requesting information and explanations, as well as the evaluation of managements, searches for the transparency in the management of public administration to achieve the adoption of Good Government principles.

Beyond being a periodical practice of public auditing, taking accountability of society is a permanent exercise that is oriented towards strengthening the relationship State-Citizen.

In conformity with the article 78 of the Anti-Corruption Legal Statute, every entity and organism of Public Administration must take accountability in a permanent manner towards society.

As a matter of fact, I present to you information about projects and the usage of investment for the period of validity 2013, as the instrument that implies to inform and right of being informed, as it becomes in a permanent process and a two-way relationship between government, citizens and the characters interested in the results and the management of the Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central.

Let this be a space for dialogue about public affairs, which imply a two-way commitment. Consequently I invite you to participate actively with your knowledge, suggestions, recommendations, so that we can carry out opportunely the acts of improvement or opportunities that generate a great impact towards the health of the community.

The components of investment are given by five Macro-Projects: Physical Plant, Workshops and Laboratories, Specialized Laboratories, Training and Research, which are financed by resources of the nation and our own resources.

Starting the period of validity 2013, the entity counts with other resources, CREE (impuesto sobre la renta para la equidad – tax over rent for equity), created with the tax reform of 2012 (law 1607 of 2012), which allows for the advancement of new project for institutional development.

If you would like to communicate your comments, concerns or contributions, I invite you to write me an E-mail to: