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The Principal Tells You No. 2

Dear friends: I thank you for the good acceptance this space has had between all of the members of the educational community, y hope have solved some of your concerns and responded  to your notes, complaints, claims and suggestions through the mailbox Cuéntele al Rector. Various people have informed me that they already notice changes in our dependencies; we hope to keep on fulfilling our goals, keep improving, to make of quality something more than just a simple speech. We know that every day we can improve, and that´s why I invite you to keep on sending me your comments to proceed and make the best measures. I also want to give congratulations to the staff members and dependencies that have translated their commitment to the substantial improvements that our students, parents and visitors have started to notice.

Some of you have asked me about the changes and improvements that are being carried forward in the physical plant. In respect to that I can tell you that we are constructing an Eastern wing the software lab and the Bilingualism Centre. In the central wing we are conditioning offices for Program Leaders and for full time teachers – current and those that are going to be named the on the next convocation-. Where we are currently functioning Rectory, in this same block, there will be an auditorium adapted in which we can hold group work meetings of different types. Where we currently hold our Program leaders, in the third floor of this same block, there will reside the groups and centers of investigation.

What about Rectory? Well together with the administrative team, will function in the fourth floor, in the area of where the Brothers of the Lasallista Community lived for decades. The offices of where currently operate the administrative staff will be destined to make room for the new Centre of Technology, Innovation and Communication.

What about the western wing? There we are building the new library; it will occupy two floors, project which had already begun in the administration of the Hno. Isidoro. In the fourth floor of this building, there will operate the new Language Centre. We hope that the coming 28 of September we can inaugurate and deliver these projects for the service of all of you, which we pretend to optimize the providing of services to all our Academic Community.

Last week we achieved changing the operating system in which our portal was working on. I hope that the deficiencies and problems generated will start to solve immediately and that you can notice them. The problems generated by the old servers have led us to think in the creation of a Data Center; we have already started, and will not stop until achieving 100 percent in efficiency and effectiveness in the process of managing information. Our school must be pioneer in topics of Information and Computation systems, if it wants to be coherent with the condition of being a center of development and transference of technology for the country.

This week we began to generate institutional e-mails for students and High School teachers, with what we try to expand our field of communication.

To finish, I want to inform you that the parking service for motorcycles will be provided in the neighbor parking lot in the Carrera 17 while we achieve the design of an electronic system of control that guarantees the entrance and departure of the vehicle; I hope that this procedure starts functioning on the first semester of next year. This measure, however, has permitted the recovery of the pitches in the rear part of the Western building, in a way that the students of the night classes can count with more sporting spaces for their recreation.

If you would like to communicate your comments, concerns or contributions, I invite you to write me an E-mail to: