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The Principal Tells You No. 1

Starting (July 19, 2012) and through the virtual space, the Principal of the School will keep informed the Educational Community about the advancement of projects, new initiatives, changes and renovations, personal news, coverage and other topics that may result in the common interest and that are talked about in our day to day of the members of the community. 

In this first release I want to talk about two things that have woken the interest in our Academic Community:

First, facing the growing interest about the topics of social responsibility and commitment of the world before the environment and clean production, we have acquired an ecological smelting oven that is being installed in the respective Workshop; we want to create and ecological consciousness in our students, teachers and staff members, in relation to sustainable production and the importance of taking care of our planet for our future generation. Likewise, we have acquired four new Pinacho brand spinning lathes, two mills, two CNC lathes (Computerized Numeric Control) and one robotic station with the aim of placing us in the forefront of themes of adoption, teaching and transference in new technologies looking to impact significantly in the industrial development of our country.

For the administrative area we have acquired thirty six MAC computers and three high performance printers with their corresponding office mobility furniture, guaranteeing efficient spaces and processes, and a sensible improvement to the attention towards different members of our community.

Second, I want to refer to the administrative issue. Starting next week you will find in the website of the School the work plans of each of the administrative dependencies,  in a way that all the community can monitor the advancements in work that each of our teams will develop in the course of the year. We are making some transfers in personnel in a way that all the attention of the community will be more efficient and can reduce the number of complaints in some dependencies. The program leaders count since two weeks ago with a secretary and a support assistance to speed up the renovation of the Classified Registrations.

There is a redesigning for Plan for Permanent Education for Teachers, in a way that a greater number of teachers are benefitted to the different extension programs.

We are bringing forward the evaluation of the teaching practices, for what we have suspended temporarily the connection between practitioners from other institutions of higher education.

Due to the petition of students and parents, we have expanded recess time for High School, without affecting the quality of education, to ensure healthy and balanced study and work rhythms.

From the beginning of the semester, the Hno. Edisson Fiquitiva will take on the Coordination of Workshops and Laboratories in High School; he will work simultaneously with the Ing. Rosember Ardila increasing the efficiency in the use of workshops and promoting good practice in industrial security, also ensuring the health of our students and teachers, helping speed up the process of Quality Certifications for these installations.

In the session of July 18, 2012, the Board of Directors determined to not begin yet the process of decentralizing before not having clarity about how the personnel staff is going to end up and the adjustments in the payroll by part of the Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry of Finance). Another reason for his postponement, is before this the structure reinforcement issue of the building must be resolved, because its’ good physical shape is decisive for any territorial entity to make itself responsible of it. In this same session, I presented a report about the visit that we made the week before to four institutions of higher education in Medellín that have gone through the decentralization process recently to learn more about the pros and cons; the Board determined to wait for the results of the studie that is preparing the network T and T (Technicals and Technologicals) in which will be evaluated the impact that will have this important decision in the present and future of our institution.

We have made a preliminary projection of available spots for High School in the year 2013; we will have the opportunity to admit six groups of students for sixth grade, given that at the end of this year the spaces and teachers will be liberated corresponding to the current six groups of eleventh grade.

To maintain informed our Educational Community about the latest news of the different Boards we created in this very same portal a space which we will call “Póngase al Día” (get up to date), so that accessing it you can know about the acts and decisions, once reviewed and approved.

Finally, I want to invite you so we can generate an atmosphere of academic reflection around issues of great interest for all of us. We can’t forget that in nearly thirty years we moved towards the area of Colombian higher education, and that it’s them, the universities, the ones in charge of moving the boundaries of knowledge generating thought, generating spaces for academic debate in the reality of the nation and the world forming the thoughts of new generations in charge of making Colombia a country in where we all fit together.

If you would like to communicate your comments, concerns or contributions, I invite you to write me an E-mail to: