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Approval of the New Administrative Structure


Interview made to the Principal Brother, JOSÉ GREGORIO CONTRERAS FERNÁNDEZ, concerning the approval of the new Administrative Structure.

1. What is Being Celebrated?

We celebrate that after 18 years the State has finally recognized the efforts and work of the Escuela, as an Educational Institution of High Quality, by approving the modification of the structure of personnel.

2. What does this restructuring obey?

Three aspects:

a. Recognition and dignifying of the work conducted by the executive staff, administrative staff and teachers of the ETITC, through the improvement of their salaries.

b. Achieve a modernization of the management of Public Employees where the administrative career is taken in account and the opportunity for contractors to compete for jobs and obtain occupational stability.

c. Project ourselves in the big leagues, in other words with long term, medium term and short term visions, thinking like a University allowing us to have complete autonomy.

3. Who does this restructuring benefit?

This restructuring benefits the following:

Executive Staff: Counting with three vice-rectories (Academic, administrative and of investigation, plus a High School director).

Administrative Staff: Counting with specialized teachers and new plant technicians, such that there is a significant decrease in hiring for the providing of services.

Teachers: We achieved transferring from 10 to 40 new full time teaching positions and maintain the 55 part time positions ensuring greater stability for teachers, decreasing the dropout of these and less teacher rotation.

Students: By having a professional administration, motivated directors and a great number of plant professors, the students will receive better educational service, with better quality and commitment from our new staff.

4. Why now and not before?

There were three attempts, but for the National Government of then it wasn’t a priority. In this administration, one of the goals of the Government Plan was to achieve in the shortest time possible the restructuring and in less than a year we have made it.

I say we have, because it was teamwork. For the ones who don´t know history, I would like to tell you that the structure that has been modified took 18 years for it to be modified and that old structure helped as a platform so that we can be recognized as a Public Establishment of Higher Education, our new structure corresponds to a University with six higher education programs, including the High School. The new structure is in harmony with the process map and with MECI, such that the process of quality can be evidenced.

5. After this, what comes next?

a. A series of visits to accredit our programs

b. After the accreditations are achieved we can demonstrate that we are ready to make the step from Public Establishment of Higher Education to University.

c. Once we are made into a University, we have to project ourselves as one. It’s like that, a new impulse comes with big institutional challenges being of vital importance the contributions and support of everybody that makes part of the ETITC.

6. Acknowledgements:

Special thanks to:

Hno. Isidro Daniel Cruz Rodríguez
Hno. Néstor Polanía González
Hno. Juan Pablo Velázquez
Econ. Nohemí Guzmán Galvis
Prof. Laura Ghisela Ortegón Torres
Ing. Jimena Pimiento Cortés
Ing. Rodrigo Jaimes Abril
Ant. Gemma Orjuela Orjuela
Ps. Lucibeth Blanchar Maestre
Ing. Carlos Kevin Moran
Dra. Heyde Rodríguez Pérez
Dra. Gloria Stella Cely Benavides