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Graduates - Horno

Program for Graduate Students


The Technological School ITC through the program for graduates will orient and endorse its graduate students with the efforts they have to make to fulfill their professional needs. Allows having an updated understanding of the professional, working and personal environments in which they unfold and thus looks to offer better life opportunities.

Graduate Students Follow-up Project

Surveys – Encounters – Training – Programs from University Well-being – Labor Intermediation – Graduate Associations Support

Graduate Students’ Office


The Graduate Students’ Office of the ETITC has as its mission to contribute to the participation, commitment, loyalty and solidarity within the graduate students and the Institution through the follow-up of these, creating spaces of institutional participation, communication of experiences, expectations and needs that contribute to the generation of strategies for human, professional and corporate development of graduates in the social and economic development of the country.


ETITIC with its Graduate Students’ Office will be for graduates a source of updated information that can contribute significantly to the professional growth of graduates as far as training, labor intermediation support and all-round education; create a researching habit for innovation and creativity in its appropriate areas of knowledge through team work with the institution and the company; generate interest for entrepreneurism through the creation of plans, programs and academic and research projects for the competitiveness of their companies or the creation of the these.

General Objective

Strengthen the bonds of fraternity among graduates and the Institution, structuring a system of communication that eases the feedback of graduates with the institution according to the acquired knowledge facing the needs of the company where they provide their services, thus making it possible to create training projects to feed the capabilities and competences of them and manage labor contacts supporting this management with the active connection of graduates and the organisms and programs and or projects of the Institution.

Specific Objectives

  • Stimulate the update of a database that provides information about the state, interest and professional, academic and cultural needs.
  • Create an environment of permanent and effective communication for graduates that permits a flow of information of interest about activities within the institution about subjects like: academic, services, partnerships, research, cultural and corporate.
  • Strengthen labor intermediation easing the placement of graduates in the working world according to their training and competences, and the gathering of information according to the needs of education and the relevance of the professionals in the productive sector.
  • Promote encounters with graduates through the realization of annual meetings of an academic, enterprise, cultural and recreational order.
  • Promote the creation of Professional Associations within each of the academic programs.
  • Propitiate the active participation of graduates in institutional decisions of an executive, academic, of a program, of a committee level or other work groups where they can share and contribute their knowledge and experience on behalf of the different programs ETITC offers.
  • Establish strategies among graduates associations and the institution to create and organize programs of permanent training together with the academic and administrative unions that permit the continuous improvement of their education. Promote and support the entrepreneur culture within students and graduates of ETITC.
  • Establish partnerships and agreements with external entities of academic, scientific, of investigation and professional communities for the participation of graduates indifferent projects and consolidation of the institution.
  • Generate spaces for the personal development of graduates through the programs and services of University Well-Being.