Español Image: Escuela Tecnológica Instituto Técnico Central. Colombia

Updating Courses Project

Allows the promotion and realization of academic activities for teaching – learning that follow the undergraduate and graduate levels, to give the possibility of updating professionals in their areas of expertise, providing a continuous improvement.

The Technological School ITC, during the course of its history has been forming the personnel of the productive life of the country; specially those located in the city of Bogota D.C., via different specialization courses (certificate programs, seminars, workshops, forums, conferences, among others) and according to the needs and requirements of the industry, the companies and educational institutions. A course that has had a great acceptance by the structure of its contents, practice and quality. For the fulfillment of these training courses the Institution counts with: suitable and competent human talent, a physical and operating technological infrastructure that guarantees great service and the satisfaction of whom are benefitted by it.