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State Testing Project

Course: 11th grade knowledge tests

Objective: Train students of tenth and eleventh grades in the skills for the management and development of the basic components that are established in the 11th grade knowledge tests.

Preparation Course: State test for middle education 11th grade knowledge test

Train yourself to obtain the best results in the ICFES 11th grade knowledge test

Developing with efficiency the basic competences that are to evaluate and improve your academic level to enter higher education. 210 academic hours in class that is distributed in the different AREAS OF THE COMMON CORE and the flexible component. Additional professional orientation supported by specialized professionals.

Delving Interdisciplinary Mathematics Environment Language Violence and Society Biology Social Studies During the course the student will realize a diagnosis test to determine his/her level facing the components and competences in the basic areas and two test simulations under similar conditions and applications with their respective results.